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Domain names


If there’s one thing you must spend some money on, it’s a custom domain name for your website, complete with an attached email address. This doesn’t have to cost a lot—a domain name can be purchased for around £10 - £20 per year, which is hardly a budget-breaking expense.

Custom domain

A custom domain name is a necessary expense if you want your business taken seriously.

“A well-chosen, custom domain makes you look more established and larger than if you use a email address, since anyone can get one of those in 30 seconds for free,”  “It’s one thing that says, ‘I’m established, I’m trustworthy, and you can do business with me without worrying that I’ll disappear tomorrow.’” In other words, having a custom domain name will make you look like a legitimate company—even if you just created the company two days ago. Needless to say, the more established your company is, the more crucial it is to have a custom domain name and corresponding email address for each of your employees.

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